Our Goal:

We're advocating for the transfer of the tigers at the Houston Downtown Aquarium to a sanctuary accredited by the Global Federation for Animal Sanctuaries.


“The dungeon-like conditions that the tigers are forced to endure at Houston’s Downtown Aquarium harm their physical health and psychological wellbeing, and deny them much that is natural and important to a tiger. It is cruel to confine complex, roaming carnivores such as tigers to a tiny, dark, artificial, unenriched enclosure where they never see any daylight, much less bask in sunshine, and are at risk for serious long term, debilitating injuries from being forced to live on slippery, unyielding concrete their entire lives.”

Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM

An aquarium-themed restaurant is not an acceptable environment for tigers.

The Houston Downtown Aquarium, owned by Landry's, Inc., is a marine aquarium themed restaurant. Four white Bengal tigers have been on display for more than twelve years, confined to a small indoor habitat made out of concrete at all times.

This unnatural and stressful environment is simply inhumane.